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Your Pathway to Evaluation Events
Evaluation Portal Event Calendar is an international calendar for evaluation events
(congresses, training events, methodological training, workshops, lectures, meetings, and everything useful in the field of evaluation)



Search for an event Just click through the calendar. All shaded days show at least one event.
By selecting one or more subcategories from the main categories "continent", "country", "language" and/or "type of event" in the middle column of the screen only events which fit these criteria are shown directly.
You can also click on 'Advanced Search' and search for events fitting to the criteria you choose.
At "Featured", "Most Popular" and "Newest" on the right you find events coming next, events which received most clicks from visitors or events which are new in this calendar.



Keep informed

Click on 'Newsletter' and fill in the form (name, email and birth year fields are mandatory). Approximately once a month a newsletter is sent to everyone who is registered, highlighting new events in the categories you have chosen to get information about.
Or subscribe for RSS feeds. Configure them as you like it with clicking on 'RSS'.


Submit an event

Click on 'Submit Event' and fill in the form. After human review, your event will be added to the calendar free of charge. Please use English language and/or the language relevant for your event.