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BOOK: Schwandt, T.A. (2015). Evaluation Foundations Revisited: Cultivating a Life of the Mind for Practice. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

Evaluation examines policies and programs across every arena of human endeavor, from efforts to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS to programs that drive national science policy. Relying on a vast array of methods, from qualitative interviewing to econometrics, it is a "transdiscipline," as opposed to a formal area of academic study. Accounting for these challenges, Evaluation Foundations Revisited offers an introduction for those seeking to better understand evaluation as a professional field....
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Feb 21, 2017 English language Clicks: 3

Etterevaluering av store statlige investeringsprosjekter

Forskningsprogrammet Concept utvikler kunnskap som skal sikre bedre konseptvalg, ressursutnytting og effekt av store statlige investeringer. Følgeforskning knyttet til investeringsprosjekter som kvalitetssikres under den såkalte KS-ordningen er en av hovedaktivitetene. Nå etterevaluerer vi en del av disse prosjektene etter at de er ferdigstilt og kommet i driftsfasen. Det gjøres av eksterne evalueringsmiljøer men også i egen regi eller med medvirkning fra egne forskere. Alle evalueringene...
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Tags projects
Feb 17, 2017 Norway Clicks: 2

Eurasian Alliance of National Evaluation Associations ** Евразийский альянс национальных ассоциаций в сфере оценки

The Eurasian Alliance of National Evaluation Associations was formed to support professionalization of evaluation in the countries of the Eurasian region through development of national evaluation associations. The Alliance founding members are: - Armenian Monitoring and Evaluation Association - Association of Specialists in Program and Policy Evaluation (Russia) - Monitoring and Evaluation Community of Practice of the Republic of Tajikistan - National Monitoring and Evaluation Network...
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Tags alliance
Feb 2, 2017 _international Clicks: 2

Ivorian Initiative for Evaluation (2IEval) ** Initiative Ivoirienne pour l’Evaluation (2IEval)

L’Initiative Ivoirienne pour l’Evaluation (2IEval) a pour objet de créer un cadre de réflexion, de partage, d’échanges et de promotion de l’évaluation et de la gestion comme outils d’aide de performante dans la mise en œuvre des projets, des programmes et des politiques publiques. 2IEval mettra à disposition ses compétences pour : - Contribuer à la réalisation de travaux de recherche ainsi que la conception d’outils permettant aux professionnel de l’évaluation d’être capables d’initier,...
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Jan 30, 2017 Côte d'Ivoire Clicks: 1

Ruthless Research

Ruthless Research is an Edinburgh-based research consultancy, through which I (Ruth Stevenson) provide a range of qualitative and quantitative research solutions to organisations who work for the benefit of the community. I am a full member of the Market Research Society who has had a successful career managing research projects through leading market research agencies (TNS and MORI) and not-for-profit organisations (The Audience Business and Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health...
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Jan 29, 2017 United Kingdom Clicks: 1
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