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Jan 02, 2014


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Program Evaluation Resources, maintained by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

This site provides information and links to resources on program assessment and evaluation. The contents are particularly geared toward Cooperative Extension professionals but may be useful to others working in community-based informal education. The goal is to help you learn and improve your skills to better evaluate educational programs, and assess the impact of these programs on personal, social, environmental or financial parameters. These resources are grouped by specific strategies and...
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Evaluation Step-by-Step Guide by Jeanette Pope, and Prue Jolly

This paper, developed by the Victorian Government's former Department of Planning and Community Development, and written by Jeanette Pope and Prue Jolly, provides a step-by-step guide to the process of conducting an evaluation in order to ensure that a project or program has met its objectives. The guide breaks the process down into four easy steps which come with worksheets, examples and checklists to support the development of a plan. Contents: - Thinking: Steps 1-3 start the process by...
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MENA Evaluators Network

EvalMenaNet is an informal network of stakeholders concerned by monitoring & evaluation in development work in the Middle East and North Afica (MENA) region. It aims at promoting and strengthening the M&E culture and practice in the region at all levels. ***** EvalMenaNet est un réseau informel des acteurs concernés par le suivi-évaluation des actions de développement dans la région du Moyen Orient et d'Afrique du Nord (MOAN). Il vise à promouvoir et consolider la culture et la pratique de...
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Western Balkan Evaluators Network

Western Balkan Evaluators Network
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South-East Asia Community of Practice for M&E of Climate Change Interventions

With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and technical and logistical support from Pact, SEA Change is a maturing virtual Community of Practice (CoP) focused on the monitoring and evaluation of climate change interventions in Asia, and beyond. Where the community was initially focused on Southeast Asia - hence the 'SEA' in SEA Change - the focus now includes the entire Asian continent in its widest definition. Climate change is a real challenge globally and scientists, policy makers, and...
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