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Evaluation societies, organisations, networks and associations in France

The French Evaluation Society ** Société Française de l'évaluation (SFE)

The French Evaluation Society (SFE) was created in 1999 with an aim to develop the practice and use of evaluation. It contributes to the progress of methods, ethical principles, and quality standards. It gathers evaluation commissioners, practitioners, academics, and users from all policy areas and from both public and private sectors. Each of its conferences is attended by 500 to 700 persons and gives birth to an edited book. In addition, the society publishes a series of research papers....
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May 20, 2006 Clicks: 144

Resources for evaluation, reference for action (F3E) ** Fonds pour le Promotion des Etudes Préalables, Etudes Transversales et des Evaluations (F3E)

F3E was created in 1994 by NGOs and French authorities that together wished to create a system that strengthens and pools methodological skills for evaluating and analysing NGO practices and that establishes an internal forum for joint dialogue. F3E later opened up to other actors: local and regional authorities (LRAs) and hospitals. Today, F3E is a multi-actor not-for-profit network that brings together around 100 NGOs, LRAs and hospitals involved in international solidarity and...
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Mar 17, 2014 Clicks: 9

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