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May 9, 2006 __about the author of this Portal

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Paul Duignan: Easy Outcomes

The Easy Outcomes approach has been designed by Dr. Paul Duignan, an evaluation, outcomes and strategy expert. From his experience in dealing with many different sectors and settings he has developed this easy, but comprehensive, approach. It provides a standardized way of developing an evaluation and outcomes framework for any program, organization or sector. The 10 Easy Outcomes steps are described in detail.
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Mar 21, 2008 English language Clicks: 169

Mailing List: OUTCMTEN

The purpose of the OUTCMTEN (Outcomes Evaluation Topical Evaluation Network) list is to develop a broad collective expertise with respect to problems of assessing and analyzing outcomes of interventions aimed at improving mental health systems. The list also serves to provide assistance, information, and contacts regarding (1) issues in evaluation, (2) experimental and quasi-experimental design, (3) instrument and survey development, and (4) statistical analysis for mental health....
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Feb 9, 2007 English language Clicks: 16

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