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May 9, 2006 __about the author of this Portal

Home of the Evaluation Portal, where this link collection belongs to. You can find much more...

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University of Wisconsin-Stout: Evaluation Studies Professional Development Certificate

UW-Stout's Certificate in Evaluation Studies offers you online course flexibility to start or advance your career as an Evaluation Specialist, Assessment Coordinator, Data Analyst, Research Associate, Healthcare Analyst, Market Analyst, Institutional Researcher and many other positions in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. The American Evaluation Association maintains a current listing of positions relevant to the knowledge and skills developed through this certificate program....
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Jan 28, 2017 USA Clicks: 3

BOOK: King, J. A., & Stevahn, L. (2013). Interactive Evaluation Practice. Mastering the Interpersonal Dynamics of Program Evaluation. Los Angeles: Sage Publications.

You've taken your introduction to evaluation course and are about to do your first evaluation project. Where do you begin? This book helps bridge the gap between the theory of evaluation and its practice, giving students the specific skills they need to use in different evaluation settings. The authors present readers with three organizing frameworks (derived from social interdependence theory from social psychology, evaluation use research, and the evaluation capacity building literature)...
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Oct 28, 2013 English language Clicks: 22

Online Course by Eric Graig: Logic Models

This is an online course by Eric Graig about Logic Models. A logic model provides a picture of your program, what you are trying to achieve, how you are going about it, what resources you are putting into it. Logic models help build common understandings about how your program works. They form the basis for subsequent evaluation. This course is available online free of charge.
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Aug 9, 2006 English language Clicks: 186

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