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May 9, 2006 __about the author of this Portal

Home of the Evaluation Portal, where this link collection belongs to. You can find much more...

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Policy Evaluation in the Swiss Political System ** Policy Evaluation im schweizerischen Politiksystem ** L’évaluation des politiques publiques dans le système politique suisse

***** The research project SynEval is funded by the Sinergia program of the Swiss National Science Foundation. SynEval analyzes the relationship between different attributes of political systems and the practice and institutionalization of policy evaluation. Therefore, SynEval addresses the fundamental questions of how policy evaluation in Switzerland is influenced by the Swiss political system, and how policy evaluation in turn influences the Swiss political system. These questions are...
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Oct 21, 2013 Switzerland Clicks: 8

Owl RE - evaluation consultancy

Owl Research & Evaluation supports organisations in analysing, assessing and evaluating activities in the communications/advocacy, training/events and development fields. Owl RE is based in Geneva, Switzerland and we count amongst our clients international organisations, NGOs, foundations and companies. Owl RE has led over 100 evaluations spanning some 50 countries. Recent clients have included Doctors Without Borders (MSF), World Bank, Oxfam, CARE, Nestlé, International Red Cross, OCHA and WHO.
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Jun 20, 2012 Switzerland Clicks: 6

DARIS - Data and Research Information Services ** DARIS - Daten- und Forschungsinformationsservice ** DARIS - Service de données et d’information sur la recherche

The mission of DARIS is to promote wider and more effective use of existing quantitative and qualitative data to address research questions in the social sciences in Switzerland. ***** DARIS hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, einen breiteren und effizienteren Gebrauch von existierenden quantitativen und qualitativen Daten zu fördern, um sich mit den Fragenstellungen der sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschung in der Schweiz besser auseinanderzusetzen. ***** DARIS a comme objectif de promouvoir une...
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May 21, 2008 Switzerland Clicks: 20

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