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Journal: Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation

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Oct 30, 2013 
counselling, outcome, research, journal
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Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation (CORE) provides counselor educators, researchers, educators, and other mental health practitioners (including psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and addictions counselors) with outcome research and program evaluation practices for work with individuals across the lifespan. It addresses topics such as: treatment efficacy, clinical diagnosis, program evaluation, research design, outcome measure reviews. This journal also serves to address ethical, legal, and cultural concerns in the assessment of dependent variables, implementation of clinical interventions, and outcome research.
Articles in future issues will cover:
- Counseling Outcome Research. Treatment efficacy and effectiveness of mental health, school, addictions, and college counseling interventions as reported in clinical trials, meta-analysis of outcome research, and qualitative reviews of outcome research.
- Outcome-based Diagnostic Practices: Diagnostic process in clinical settings, differential diagnosis, dual diagnosis issues, incidence and prevalence of clinical diagnoses.
- Outcome-based Program Evaluation: Evaluation practices within mental health agencies and school and college settings, program development and process evaluations, outcome evaluations, evaluation methodology, evaluation ethics, interdisciplinary evaluations, cultural issues in program evaluations.
- Outcome Measure Reviews: Critical reviews and integration of classes or groups of clinical assessment tools used as dependent variables in research studies and outcome measures in clinical practice.
- Outcome Research Design: Methodological issues in intervention research, innovative qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methodology, single subject designs, case studies exemplifying assessment and outcome research practices, statistics in assessment and outcome research, data analysis procedures, and report writing.
United States of America
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