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May 9, 2006 __about the author of this Portal

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Usable Knowledge, LLC

USA / businesses (for-profit)
Added on
Oct 24, 2006 
program, usable, consulting
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Usable Knowledge provides program evaluation and consulting services to organizations that need to understand how their work impacts those they serve. We help answer questions such as:
- Are we getting the results we want?
- What factors contribute the most to success?
- What kinds of changes can we make in order to improve our performance?
- How are we perceived by those we work with?
- What kinds of data do we need to describe our work to existing and potential funders?
What distinguishes us is a belief that program evaluation is only successful when it creates usable knowledge. For us, this means knowledge that can be deployed to improve a program and help it grow.
United States of America
Language of information
English / English

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