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May 9, 2006 __about the author of this Portal

Home of the Evaluation Portal, where this link collection belongs to. You can find much more...

Carter McNamara: Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

Carter McNamara offers a document which provides guidance toward planning and implementing an evaluation process for for-profit or nonprofit programs - there are many kinds of evaluations that can be applied to programs, for example, goals-based, process-based, outcomes-based, etc.
Sections of This Topic Include:
- Program Evaluation: carefully getting information to make decisions about programs
- Where Program Evaluation is Helpful
- Basic Ingredients (you need an organization and program(s))
- Planning Program Evaluation (what do you want to learn about, what info is needed)
- Major Types of Program Evaluation (evaluating program processes, goals, outcomes, etc.)
- Overview of Methods to Collect Information (questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, etc.)
- Selecting Which Methods to Use (which methods work best to get needed info from audiences)
- Analyzing and Interpreting Information
- Reporting Evaluation Results
- Who Should Carry Out the Evaluation?
- Contents of an Evaluation Plan
- Pitfalls to Avoid
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