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May 9, 2006 __about the author of this Portal

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devolutions ltd

Switzerland / businesses (for-profit)
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Sep 24, 2015 
development, cooperation, international
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devolutions ltd. is supporting you with an outside perspective on your development cooperation program, strategy or institution. The scope ranges from assessing results and effectiveness to reflect on your strategies, appraise innovative initiatives or assist you in strengthening the competencies and skills of your teams.
Some of our guiding vectors are that:
- Change happens, with or without external contribution. It is helpful to gauge the value added by a development initiative by discerning the domestic, homegrown dynamics from those brought about by external contribution.
- Nothing is right or wrong per se. "Development" is circumstantial, contextual and evolving. People's perceptions and their own validation of “change, progress and benefits" are a key to better understand what works well and why.
- Development partners share both success and failure. Cooperative partnerships are laboratories for design of change, reforms and transformation of opportunities for selected groups of people. If they claim to be learning organizations, they evaluate progress and weaknesses to broaden their perspectives for strategy and action.
- Where there is money, there are stakes. Program goals may be framed in best ethical intent to benefit the poor, vulnerable or marginalized peoples. Implementation reality however often reveals fugitive benefits. Independent evaluation helps to provide evidence on planned against effective benefits and thereby mitigate reputational risk.
- Development results go beyond intended effectiveness. Unintended, non-targeted effects are often as important as those within the radar of results frameworks in the overall balance of development achievements. Evaluation can help to capture the broader landscape of effects of change and validate program contributions within that.
- Assessments are meaningful investments, provided that they add value to sincere reflection and lead to better decision making. Devolutions does not provide accountability services for ready-made management solutions or ex-post justification of change processes.
Schweiz ** Switzerland
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