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SEA Change: Monitoring & evaluation for climate change adaptation and resilience: A synthesis of tools, frameworks and approaches

This report comes at a critical moment. Climate change threatens to reverse progress towards sustainable development and threatens lives and livelihoods around the globe, either directly through its physical impacts or as a compounding factor towards existing vulnerabilities. Governments, development agencies, the private sector, and other stakeholders can and should address climate change directly and strongly – and many are doing so already. The next question is what works, what does not, why, and how? We currently don’t have a fully comprehensive picture in that respect. Climate change adaptation and resilience-focused policies, programmes, and projects need to effect change from international governance down to individual behaviour change, and everything in between. These interventions need to be embedded in an analysis of a threat unprecedented in human history, but deliver change at the household level as well. A daunting task indeed, and one that we are only beginning to understand.
With this manual, programme managers, policy-makers, and researchers can easily identify which materials would be most useful to them. The report extends the kind of adept guidance and spot-on analysis that helps development professionals do their jobs. At the same time, it identifies gaps and challenges that need to be addressed by technical specialists in the rapidly-evolving field of climate change adaptation. Vulnerable communities also have much to contribute to global efforts to tackle climate change; after all, it is they who will bear the brunt of the effects of climate change, and will also be at the forefront of formulating adept strategies. It is essential to recognise, incorporate, and act upon local knowledge and strategies to achieve resilience.
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