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Information about where and how you can learn something about evaluation at basic and advanced level in Belgium. Only offers which take place regularly are included.


TrainEval - Training for Evaluation in Development is an advanced training programme for evaluation in development, which is specifically focused on the European Development Cooperation and the EC evaluation approach. The training course is offered jointly by AGEG Consultants eG and Euronet Consulting EEIG.
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Apr 8, 2008 Clicks: 50

Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB), University of Antwerp: Master in Development Evaluation and Management

This Master offers insight into the nature of development evaluation, as well as its relevance and challenges, at both a methodological and an institutional level. Students are familiarised with multidisciplinary tools that will improve their capacity to understand interactions among actors involved, and to contribute to an enhanced conceptualisation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development policies and programmes. The programme offers two tracks with specific objectives and...
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Jun 23, 2013 Clicks: 28

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