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Southern Hemisphere Consultants - Evaluation Portal Calendar

Southern Hemisphere Consultants


Rozenhof Court
20 Kloof Street
Cape Town, 8001
South Africa

Southernhemisphere is a leading, dynamic, socio-economic development consultancy which contributes to creating a better world through strengthening transformative processes for social justice. It is based in Southern Africa (Cape Town), with offices in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. Driven by the view of a better world, greater connectivity and innovative solutions, we have come together to share our expertise and link with a network of subject specialists to offer research, facilitation, training, planning, monitoring and evaluation, and organisational development.

With our international team of consultants, Southern Hemisphere continues to be well placed to facilitate local and international solutions in an increasingly global and integrated world. We conduct quality work and share experiences across national frontiers. Our work has been tested nationally (in South Africa), regionally (in Southern Africa) and internationally (in Europe, the Americas and in the rest of Africa).


Phone: +27 (0)21 - 422 0205
Location-Website: Click to Visit


-33.927839, 18.412593


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